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5 thoughts on “Amjad Hyderabadi

  1. I like very much the poet syed amjad hydraabadi,

  2. i am a lecturer of persian literature in Govt Guru Nanak College Nankana Sahib,Please send me a Hazrat syed amjad Hydraabadi
    because I love Amjad

  3. assalam, im an urduian, i love urdu classical adab and shayeri. i like rubaaiyaat of haz amjad hyderabadi.end me the same
    with regards

  4. assalam,
    im an urduian, very much fond of classical urdu shero adab, so as i love rubaiyaat e haz amjad hyderabadi, pl send me the same.
    with regards,

  5. I m a Assistant Teacher. i like amjad hyderabadi & his poetry. please send these books if may be possible. thanks

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